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Advanced Review Exercise
16. What is a macro virus and what makes it so troublesome?

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12. How many man pages are there in the Devices subsection of the system manual? (Devices is a subsection of Special Files.)

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15. Assume that in exercise 8 Ace Electronics and the phone number appear on adjacent lines. How can you find the phone number without using a program that displays a large chunk of the file (for example an editor, more, pg, cat, or page? (Hint: use sed.)

Chapter 4 page 100 changed exercise 4
4. If your working directory is /home/alex with a subdirectory named literature, give three sets of commands that you can use to create a subdirectory under literature named classics. Also give several sets of commands that you can use to remove the classics directory and its contents.

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12. A process is using 100% of the CPU time. How do you identify the process and determine if you should kill it?

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22. Use at to reboot the system

23. Give a command that will make a level 0 dump of the /usr filesystem to the first tape device on the system. What command would you use to take advantage of a drive that supports compression? What command would place a level 3 dump of the /var filesystem immediately after the level 0 dump on the tape?

24. Use an ACL to create a new directory /home/shared/billken so that users Bill and Kendra can create files in the directory. Any new files or subdirectories that either user creates should automatically be writable by either user. No one else should have access to this directory or the files within it. Modify this directory so that the group spiffy has read-only access to all files and directories within billken.

25. A utility named /usr/bin/netclk accepts a connection over the network and quits once the connection is dropped. How can you use the built-in functionality of Solaris to make this program run so that it restarts automatically (without modifying netclk)? (Hint: It should only run in multiuser mode)

26. A process is consuming a great deal of memory. How do you determine how much physical memory it is using and what percentage this is of the total memory?

27. When a user logs in, you would like the system to check for a login name in the local /etc/passwd file first and then to check NIS. How do you implement this strategy?