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Errata for A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux, Second Edition: Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
The name of the person who first reported an error appears in parentheses following the correction.

Chapter 5, page 141 Table 5-1, CPU time used line: move x from who column to w column. (Tyler Preder)
Chapter 6, page 163 Figure 6-6: Change ../home to .. and ../home/jenny to ../jenny (Gregory Sherman)
Chapter 6, page 166 Last paragraph, change -t to -p. (Belmin Fernandez)
Chapter 6, page 167 The third paragraph and following example in the middle of the page are incorrect. The paragraph should read:

The following example uses .. to copy a new file, memoA, to the parent directory (/home/alex) and then lists the contents of the /home/alex directory from /home/alex/literature, again using .. to represent the parent directory.

To make the example correct, change the fifth line to

$ cp memoA ..

and the seventh (last) line to

demo literature memoA names temp

(Richard Steck, Praveen Chandra)
Chapter 9, page 258 Top of page, first example should be (Eva Slate)
$ x | y | z &
[1] 14302
Chapter 9, page 269 Next to last line, first paragraph: change sleep (PID 2191) to sleep (PID 2891) (Eva Slate)
Chapter 9, page 271 Example at bottom of page, change second line to
Chapter 9, page 300 Change head at bottom of page to: !!:s/old/new Modifies the Previous Event (Eva Slate)
Chapter 10, page 338 Table 10-3, first column, change 8C to 83 (Gregory Sherman)
Same table and column, change 1000 1100 to 1000 0011 three times (Gregory Sherman, Keith Roberts)
Chapter 15, page 515 On the last line on the page, drop custom from the pathname of the kernel (Todd Sabuncu)
Chapter 18, page 568 Next to last paragraph, sixth line: add period before ssh in ~/.ssh/known_hosts (Bob Hewitt)
Chapter 18, page 569 Third paragraph, first line: If, after you have a remote system's private ... Change private to public (Bob Hewitt)

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