Re: Dr. Linux vs. Linux: The Complete Reference?

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Date           Sun, 21 Sep 1997 01:19:07 -0700
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"A Practical Guide to Linux" is a good book, esp. for beginners to
intermediate users - though even more advance users would find it useful as
well. I just bought it a week ago and haven't read through the whole thing,
but so far my impression is favorable. I figure it can't be too bad since
Linus Torvalds himself wrote the forward and has this to say about the

"I am indebted to Mark for helping me to learn UNIX, and now for helping to
make Linux accessible to more people. I strongly recommend [this book] to
anyone who is interested in learning and using Linux"

--Linus Torvalds

One other reason I find it favorable is that it succeeds very well in it's
attempt to remain distribution independent, unlike most books on Linux.

There is one book I'm holding out for, and that's "The Linux Bible". It's
now in its 4th ed., but it's nearing a year old. I'm going to wait for the
5th ed. to come out. It's a very all inclusive book that contains the
complete works of the Linux Documentation Project, so for $39.95 it's a good
value. It's published by Yggdrasil, and some of the proceeds are given back
to the Linux community (The Free Software Foundation being the main one).
See their web page for all the details about The Linux Bible :

Grant you the complete works of the LDP are on the Internet, but if you're
stuck trying to get PPP working, having info. on the Internet won't help you
much. Also, it's just more convenient having all that info. bound together
in a single publication, where you don't have to rely on the Internet.



Don wrote in article <>...
>         Hi,
>    I was about to post a similar question.  I was curious to know what
>Linux books some more experienced users have used, or use?  In other
>words, If you could only have one book on Linux, which one would you
>    I was considering "A Practical Guide to Linux".  Thanks for any
>suggestions .