A Practical Guide to LinuxA Practical Guide to Linux

Hands-On LinuxHands-On Linux

by Mark G. Sobell 

Changes to be made to both Linux books

Page Problem and Correction Reported By
98:Fig 5-9
Change cat supply_orders to cat < supply_orders 
RW Griffiths
change right mouse button to left mouse button in paragraph above Dialog Boxes.
RW Griffiths
Add following just above Selecting the Active Window:
You can bring up the fvwm window manager by giving the command fvwm from an xterm window or by putting fvwm in your .xinitrc file and starting X.
second line of code: change alex to watson
RW Griffiths
add to the two ex modes in the bulleted list:
--does not exist in some vi clones
250:Fig 9-5 Change top label from CONTROL-A to CONTROL-P RW Griffiths
255:Fig 9-7 Change title to Scrolling through a buffer (window height is five lines) RW Griffiths
255 Change labels from top to bottom to: CONTROL-U 7 META-V; META-VWindowCONTROL-VCONTROL-U 7 CONTROL-V RW Griffiths
255 At the bottom of the page add: 
At times, you will need to do partial scrolling to view a whole procedure or paragraph at one time.  To avoid tiresome typing of numeric arguments for positioning  window contents, emacs offers a rule of four (the following commands do not contain numbers): 
      CONTROL-U means 4 
      CONTROL-U CONTROL-U means 16 
and so on.  For quick partial scrolling of a tall window you may find it convenient to use repeated sequences of: 
      CONTROL-U CONTROL-V to scroll down 4 lines 
      CONTROL-U META-V to scroll up 4 lines 

      CONTROL-U CONTROL-U CONTROL-V to scroll down 16 lines 
      CONTROL-U CONTROL-U META-V to scroll up 16 lines

259 Change CONTROL-X on the last line of the fifth paragraph (Runs an emacs...) to CONTROL-X k RW Griffiths
261 Change the last head (META-x) to META-x append-to-buffer RW Griffiths
265 On the first line following the first head (Unconditional...) change Region to characters RW Griffiths
273 On the last line of the third paragraph under Filling change META-x to META-x fill-region RW Griffiths
add to end of first paragraph:
Use typeset -f to display all functions and typeset -f followed by the name of a single function you want to display.
add d and m as options to cpio in the example in --pass-through (making the options appear as -pdm)
change xyzaef to xyzabc on the last line of the first example
John A. Cross
917 Following first paragraph after head (2. What Are...) insert: 
You can use the following addresses as shown with a browser such as Netscape.  If you  use ftp to access one of the ftp sites, you must drop ftp:// from the beginning of the URL (address). Then give ftp the address up to the first slash. Once you are connected and logged on, give the command cd followed by the slash and everything to its right.
917 The correct ftp address for sunsite is: ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux
add Floppy:mounting 625
remove from text
add to text
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